Kurdish Dance at Tirgan Past

Aug 22-23, 2015 - Toronto, ON, Canada

Free Event

This work includes a handful of famous styles of Kurdish dance that are mostly based on the forms of Kurdistan Iran (Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Hewraman, Mehabad, Merivan, Serdasht, etc.). It covers very ancient dance styles being re-choreographed and refreshed for the stage performances plus few fully new designed dances as well. 1. Khan Hatgeh- This is one of the versions of the versatile and most famous dance style in Sanandaj region called "Geryan" that is performed in almost any happy event. The so-called Geryan melody is also quite popular and nearly most of the Kurdish singers have recorded at least one song based on this melody. 2. Sena-i, Meryvani, Kermashani, Se-pa and Fatah Pawsha- These are verities of the Shayaneh style that - to some extent-is similar to Geryan in terms of choreography but it is much more rhythmic and involves more complicated moves. It is performed in almost all areas and hence played in many variations mostly called by the name of the region. For instance, Sena-i is its version of Sanandaj city, so do the others. 3. Farkheh - This is a fully new developed style by Mostafa Nosraty. 4. Shekaki and Shekhani- Specific to northern and western parts of Kurdistan and Western Azerbaijan. Also performed widely in the Kurdish regions of Iraq and Turkey in many varieties. 5. Khan Amiri and Zandi- These two styles belong to very ancient times of southern Kurdistan with their own specific dance melodies and were mostly practiced by skilled dancers before the time of electronic instruments. Mayen Zard tries to restore these beautiful dances by rearranging and re-choreographing these styles. 6. Bafraw- Another new dance styles performed by Mayen Zard. 7. Haw-Shari- The original choreography of this style is pretty much the one of famous "Dagheh" style in Mehabad region (and also Soleymanieh in Iraq). In Haw-shari the moves are more rhythmic and quicker. Mayn Zard performs a modified and rearranged form of this dance.


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