Thursday, Oct 17, 2013 ,
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
- Stockholm, Sweden

Under denna kväll erbjuds ett tillfälle att ta del av livet i Iran på som vi sällan ser det skildrat i det vanliga filmutbudet. Två dokumentärfilmer visas som behandlar ungas livssituationer i dagens urbana Iran, med fokus på genus, klass, och generationskonflikter. Efter filmvisningen kommer Shahram Khosravi, författare till ’Young and defiant in Tehran' och docent i socialantropologi vid Stockholms universitet, hålla i en fördjupande diskussion med publiken om filmerna.

Filmerna visas i samband med Fristads Stockholmt, en plattform för yttrandefrihet i Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

"Unwelcome in Tehran" (Nakhaandeh Dar Tehran)

Director: Mina Keshavarz
Color, HD, 16:9, 52 min, 2011, Iran

Mina, the director, is a girl from Shiraz who gets married in order to move to Tehran. Influenced by her own life, she decides to make a documentary about the girls nationwide who, like Azar, move to Tehran (the capital) to start an independent life away from their families’ watchful eyes and restrictions. The film is about Mina and Azar’s constant struggle to find the answer as to why families and the society have difficulty in accepting an independent life for a single girl.

"Reluctant Bachelor" (Pir Pesar)
Director: Mehdi Bagheri
Color, HD, 16:9, 58 min, 2011, Iran
This film is about the director himself who is 30 years old and still living with his parents. It is his brother’s wedding and since he is not on a speaking terms with his father, he doesn’t attend the reception. He tells his story while trying to revise his attitude towards every member of his family by interviewing them. This film is the reflection of the young generations’ lives in Iran.


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