FEATHERS OF FIRE: A Persian Epic as Shadow puppet play Past

Monday, Jan 18, 2016 ,
7:00 PM
- San Francisco, CA, United States

Visual artist and 2014 Guggenheim Fellow Hamid Rahmanian is thrilled to partner with ShadowLight Productions to present the largest shadow puppet play ever to be performed — FEATHERS OF FIRE, a family-friendly, cinemascope-sized shadow play based on the 10th century classic Persian epic, Shahnameh (The Book of Kings).

FEATHERS OF FIRE tells the action-packed tale of Zaul and Rudabeh, two star-crossed lovers of old Persia. Zaul is raised by a mythical bird in the wild, his deep love for Rudabeh enables them both to triumph over inconceivable odds, and then give birth to a beloved son, Rostam — the most important mythological hero of Shahnameh.

Feathers of Fire is the largest shadow puppet play ever to be performed. It is a breathtaking, digitally-animated cinematic performance based on the 10th century classic Persian epic, Shahnameh (The Book of Kings).

This family-friendly show tells the magical tale of two star-crossed lovers, Zaul and Rudabeh. The story has elements from the Jungle Book, Rapunzel and Romeo and Juliet. It's is a thrill for both children and adults alike.


A little over a thousand years ago a Persian poet named Ferdowsi of Tous collected and put into heroic verse the millennium-old mythological and epic traditions of Iran. Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings is a new illustrated translation and adaptation that retells the stories of the Shahnameh beginning with the legend of the creation of civilization and the birth of the Persian nation. Magical birds, superhuman heroes and tales of centuries-long battles enrich this narrative meant to protect the Persian collective memory, language and culture in a turbulent sea of many historical storms. The 592 pages of illustrations are painstakingly created by award-winning graphic artist and filmmaker, Hamid Rahmanian. The spectacular images in this edition are created from elements culled from thousands of miniatures, illuminated manuscripts and lithographs dating from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries; each page is a new work of art and exquisite collage of traditional forms. The new translation by Dr. Ahmad Sadri is a prose adaptation of the original couplets and is written for a modern audience.


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