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Dr. Abolfazli: Proper Natural Nutrition and Health, Counseling

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Natural ways to avoid digestive, hormonal problems, high blood pressure or sugar, etc.

Renowned Iranian-American expert in natural nutrients, athlete/model, and host of popular TV programs (in Persian), Mohammad Abolfazli, Ph.D. will discuss 10 commandments, secrets and natural ways to stay healthy through nutrition and healthy lifestyle, in simple language. Lecture in Persian (Farsi).

Limited Number of VIP Tickets include free consultation (via phone or if time allows, in person) and purified fish oil.

* The recommendations offered in the lecture, consultations and DVDs are the presenter's opinions on natural ways to stay healthy, and are not medicinal or intended to replace physician's opinion on diagnosis or cure of any disease.
** Samples and products are offered by and responsibility of presenter.

ba salam kheili az sohbathaye shoma estefadeh mibarim va omidvaram ke hamishe khoda barayat bekhahad ba sepase faravan
Posted by David Jimenes at Apr 25, 2014

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Persian Restaurant

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