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Nowruz Persian Parade in New York

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Every year after year the same group of people get together and put together the same boring show. They still call it "Persian Parade" even after many people have complained that not all Iranians are Persian. They still carry the flag of monarchy and still claim they are non political!!!! I tell you the only thing missing from this "Persian Charade" is their idol and their Grand Marshall Prince Reza Pahlavi Shahansha Ariamehr JR.
Posted by john doe at March 29, 2011
Persian is the historical name of Iran, As Turkey is the historical name of a country which has many Kurds and Arabs. This country is called Persia because its culture and civilization developed by Fars and non Fars Iranians on Persian language ground which is thousand years old. Lion and sun flag is as old as Iran and is a symbol of opposition too
Posted by Mohammad Shekari Yazdi at Apr 1, 2011
I totally agree with first writer's criticizim and assesment of this Parade. I am an Azeri and I have never considered myself to be a Persian. I am an Iranian of Azeri decent. It seems to me the second writer has been in a coma for the last few decades...SIR, I have some shocking News for you..... PERSIA does not exist anymore and the country is called IRAN by its people and the world community. As for the flag, People of Iran(and I mean those 70 millions who live there ) are the only ones who can decide what flag they want to represent their country not some historical mambo jambo promoted by a small group of so called "OPPOSITIONS" in Mid- Town Manhattan. LOL Esteglal, Azadi, Jomhouri Irani
Posted by sogol zangeneh at Apr 3, 2011
I have some very shocking news for Ms.Zangeneh. Azeri itself is a Persian word and not Turkish. Second bad news: designation of this country as Iran begins officially during Rezashah whom you oppose strongly.The last bad news: A very good book about the history of our Lion and sun flag is written by Kasravi, the great patriot Azeri Iranian(Persian)
Posted by Mohammad Shekari Yazdi at Apr 4, 2011
Mr. yazdi you speak like a true Aryans,Oh sorry I mean a Persian....or is it the same??? Lion and Sun flag is as old as Ghajar dynasty and not a day older and even if it was as old as you and the Monarchist claim it to be, It means absolutely nothing, NADA, Zilch... Like I said, It is up to people of Iran to decide their future flag in due time. so, I think Monarchist should give it a rest and stop campaigning for lion, sun and the king in Down-Town LA and Mid- Town Manhattan and look to the future rather than the past. If this Parade is supposed to be about Iran and its people and a non political one then it should be called " Iranian Parade" and use our National flag ( from 1900- 1980) which is the 3 color with no symbols. I will be there with my 3 color flag and may I suggest anyone reading these threads to do the same...... Esteglal, Azadi, Jomhouri Irani
Posted by sogol zangeneh at Apr 4, 2011
You have every right to come with your Italian flag, as I have the right to come with my lion & sun Iranian(Persian) flag. The existence of lion statutes in front of our national parliament(1900-1980) shows its importance for our national identity. Flag reflects historical identity of a nation which rarely changes in contrast to political systems
Posted by Mohammad Shekari Yazdi at Apr 4, 2011
I oppose the crown on the top of our lion & sun flag because it reflects monarchist political system, as I oppose this crab sign on today's Iran flag which reflects political Islam. Esteghlal, Azadi, Hokumate Demokratike Irani. Is it not better not to speak about the form of government which as you said is up to people of Iran to decide in due time
Posted by Mohammad Shekari Yazdi at Apr 4, 2011
Mr. yazdi, with all due respect Italian flag has vertical strips, and our national flag has horizontal strips. I disagree with you that flag of nations represents their identity. Most countries have several flags to represent different aspect of their government or their nation. A state flag a governmental flag and a national flag. Countries that have gone through a major revolution in the last few decades all have been changed their flag to represent the government that is running the show . I bring your attentions to Iran, Soviet union, Afghanistan and Iraq. Their flags have changed either completely or to some degree. Maybe that is where we see things differently; identity Vs government I associate lion and sun with the latter.
Posted by sogol zangeneh at Apr 4, 2011
Lion & Sun is a national flag, without a sword & crown. Lion and son is accepted by all eg. by Jebhe Melli & Mojahedin. It unite all opposition & has two opponents: internationalists & seperatists. Sun is the symbol of Iranian sprituality from Mithraism to sufism & Lion is the symbol of Iranian power from Achaemenidan and Safavid to today's Iran.
Posted by Mohammad Shekari Yazdi at Apr 4, 2011
I guess the 3 million or so Iranians who came out in 2009 were all seperatist or internationalist,since none of them were carrying the lion and sun flag. I believe the difference between us is that I am a pragmatist and look to the future and you are an idealist with nostalgia for a past long gone with the wind.... Eid e-toon Mobark....
Posted by sogol zangeneh at Apr 4, 2011
Most Iranians accept the sun and lion flag as their national flag but inside Iran there is no need to stress the national identity because it is evident. Only those who have been brainwashed years by Islamic Republic correlate this flag with a specific government. Iranian regime is afraid of opposition unification that could happen under this flag.
Posted by Mohammad Shekari Yazdi at Apr 5, 2011
Let us use this flag as a sign of our national pride, unity and opposition to the Islamic regime and add to it (on the same flag or better as another flag) any other sign like green bracelet, red flag, verses, crown or sword that reflects our political orientation. Happy Norouz, Yashasin Persia, Yashasin Azarabadegan, the head of our beloved Iran.
Posted by Mohammad Shekari Yazdi at Apr 5, 2011
The fact is any "flag" issue has become affiliated with political beliefs and unfortunately a divisive issue among Iranians.
Posted by Kodoom Admin at Apr 5, 2011

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